Love songs

Jersey girl

This song of Tom Waits is the most passionate love song I know. Passionate is not the right word, but how find the right word in English, wich is not my mother tongue, or any language, even my own. The lyrics are so tenderous, so strong, so passionate. I listen to this song on my first vacation with my wife, after we were married. It’s about a girl who you unbearly love.

Tom Waits transposes the song to a drunkiard, which makes the girl just more of a dream.

One of us cannot be wrong

A beautiful song of Leonard Cohen. Leonard Cohen is more to the lyrics than Tom Waits. Leonard Cohen never makes it simple. He very often writes a mysterious world into his songs and poems. I do not know any other song where he does it as well as here. Again, it is this unbearable love, no words  can exaggerate it.

An eskimo showed me a movie

He recently taken from you

The poor man could hardly stop shivering

His lips, and his fingers were blue

I suppose, that he froze, when the wind, took your clothes

And I guess, that he never got warm

When you stand there so nice, in this blizzard, of ice

Oh, please. Let me come into the storm.

This is the last verse. The ending is brilliant. The lover wants himself into the storm, no matter what. There is no will, we are down to instinct, the lyrics are excellent and the song the best I know from Leonard Cohen.

Into my arms

This is a simple song by Nick Cave. It strucked me very hard when it came, and it just won’t let me go. I just have a feel for songs which just put it basic, which doesn’t try so hard, which resign to the desire it is all about. Here it is some kind of contrast between the verse and the refrain. Nick Cave is no great poet, but in the verse he tries. There he writes about Jesus and angels and paths and candels, but in the refrain it is down to bacis, into my arms.

Lay lady, lay

Which love song should one chose from Bob Dylan? I think I will not end up with this one. Most of his very best love songs, are about broken love.

Balladen om herr Fredrik Åkare och den söta fröken Cecilia Lind

The song is of Cornelis Vreeswijk, even though swedish Wikipedia tells me the melody is from an English folksong, Monday morning.

Like a hurricane

This epic song of Neil Young, it’s a lovesong with electric guitar.

I won’t share you

I include this song from the Smiths.

Wichita lineman

Jimmy Web wrote this song, Glen Cambell made it famous. I heard it first time performed by R.E.M.

Hello there (funny how time slips away)

This is a Willy Nelson classic.

Love of my life

This song pales among the others. It is a love from my teenage days, when I was a great fan of the group Queen. I am not that much of a fan of them anymore, but this song, I include it in my list.


This is another song from younger days. Made by U2, best performed by Johnny Cash.

Unchained melody

My vintage part of the list ends with this one from the Rightous brothers.

Always on my mind

The king of Rock n’ all should end this list. Elvis Presley: Always on my mind.


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