Thanksgiving in Norway

Last Thursday (of course, Thanksgiving) my sisters and I went to my mum to have a little celebration of the Thanksgiving. Here are some pictures we made.

Tone and Trude with their bruschettas

It was sort of gourmet night.

The lasagne, the salat and the soda.

We had as an appetizer daddles (is this an English word, by the way, should be), antipasti in Italian, and another appetizer was the bruschettas, which here made it to the primo piatti, since there were three of them. It was close to a meal, I got one from each of my sisters and one from my mum, six altogether. Close to a meal.

The balsamico, the oil and the candles. And the hedgehog.

The main corse was lasagna, backed up by salat, excellently made and delightfully tasty.

My mum and I

As desert we had ice-cream with chocolate and strawberries.

Me and I

No American tradition here, except for the day. It was Thanksgiving the Norwegian way, from Jæren, Rogaland. With regards.

Time for stories.

Thank you all!

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