Excellent entertainment in Moscow

There are no draw death in chess. We have now had ten draws in a row, and they have all been excellent games and wonderful entertainment. I am talking about the Tal memorial, in memory of the magician from Riga, one of the chess players really worth remembering. He was known for taking great risks, and win his games when his opponents felt they could and probably should beat him. But as long as they didn’t find the best moves, who proved the better player? Tal had his arguments in his victories.

Now there are ten players who also leave their arguments in their play. Here are my favourites, Magnus Carlsen and Vassily Ivanchuk, together with Russian star team, Kramnik, Nepomniatchi, Svidler and Karjakin, here are Anand from India and Gelfand from Israel, and always entertaining Aronian and Nakamura. On Saturday Carlsen teamed with Karjakin, Nepomniatchi took on Nakamura, Aronian played Anand, Ivanchuk was up against Kramnik and Svidler tried Gelfand. From Russia there are always top High definition live transmission from the game, television on the Internet, with Grandmaster comments in Russia. I always knew it would pay off to learn this language.

We got then entertainment for almost a full six hours from noon Norwegian time. I could hear the comments on my headphones while I did other things, and watch the games when something exciting was going on, as it usually was.  The best chess sites on the internet – Chessbase, The week in chess, Chessvibes – reported that the game between Svidler and Gelfand was rather dull. On the commentary it wasn’t, thy showed some really entertaining variations Gelfand might have missed, and the English based sites surely did miss.

In the other games it was close to unbelievable we didn’t get a winner. We could of course blame Nakamura, Kramnik and Aronian who couldn’t net it in, but I would rather boast Nepomniatchi, Ivanchuk and Anand who put in a great fight and proved that it isn’t over until the resign is given. Carlsen’s position was never that overwhelming.

Also yesterday we got five draws. Also then they were all well fought, and excellent entertainment for us who followed close. Svidler – Karjakin was just spectacular, and Carlsen showed once again that he is willing to play forever to try to convert a small edge. And Ivanchuk, although he looked really tired on the live transmission, he proved that he is always able to bounce back. In the end it was Carlsen who had to be clever to draw.

To morrow we have the set up Carlsen – Svidler, Nepomniatci – Karjakin, Aronian – Gelfand, Kramnik – Nakamura and Ivanchuk – Anand. Carlsen showed on his blog that he is in a very good in Moscow, really enjoying himself in the games. That is how it should be, play for fun, make the most of it. And please, do not suggest anything stupid to avoid draws. We had ten draws this weekend, nevertheless chess as good as it gets. Malatsi!


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