Cross country skiing in the Norwegian mountains at Kvamskogen

To day I made another trip to Furedalen at Kvamskogen, to go skiing with my friend. I have already written a blog post about it, that was when I received the pictures he had taken from earlier such trips. Now we made another one, and I will also write another post.

The bus from Bergen bus station is inconvenient, but okay. It leaves at 1130, and get us there at 1230, which is a little late. But the only bus which departs earlier, departs in the very early morning, to early to us. Ten o’clock would be nice, even nine, but 1130 is to late, and the early bus to early. 

This is at Såta

This is at Såta

It was a wonderful day at Kvamskogen to day. It was about 10 below zeron, celcius, and sunshine and no wind. But we are in February, the sun stays low, and from time to time the sunshine is covered by the mountain tops. Then it gets cold.

 We made it up to Såta, but decided not to go all the way to Tveitakvitingen to day. It would be foolish. The sun would go down before we reach the top (which is at 1299 m), and it would be freezing. Instead, we found ourselves our place in the sun, had ourselves our little dinner, hot-dogs fried on a – what to call it in English? Kokeapparat, it is in Norwegian, mobile kitchen, maybe makes it in English. It runs on gas, and is portable, that is the basics.

Here is the place where we had our dinner. The Hardanger fiord in the back ground.

Here is the place where we had our dinner. The Hardanger fiord in the back ground.

While we were eating the sun dipped down below the high mountains, and we knew we should be moving or freezing. So we packed our stuff together, put on our skies, and ran down the sloppy hills with great pleasure. The snow was just abut perfect, no ice, and with powder on the top.

We made it down to the bus stop about 1830, the bus went 1900  (it was a little late), and we were happy and cold on our way back to Bergen city center.


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