Some Russian proverbs of medium difficulty

I continue to day my serie of Russian proverbs collected from the “Russian context”, edited by Eliose M. Boyle and Genevra Gerhart, and available on

Близок локоть, да не укусишь. Close is your elbow, but you can’t bite it

Долг платежом красен. A dept is beautiful because of the repayment. Берёшь чужие, а отдаёшь свой. You take somebody else’s (money), but you return your own (money).

Обещанного три года ждут. They waited thre years for what was promised them.

По одёжке встречают, по уму провожают. On the clothing, they meet you, on your brain, they take farewell.

Что дорого, то мило, что дёвшево, то гнило. What is expensive is good, what is cheap, is bad.

Explanation to follow…


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