Plane crash in Spain

Just about two weeks after I flew with spanair from Madrid to Alicante, a plane from the same company from the same airport to almost the same destination crashes in a devastating accident which kills about 140 people. That is shaky news. All though I fly a lot, and I’m not afraid of flying, I often at take off thinks about the accident in New York close after 9/11, when a plane crashed just after take off, and fear of another terror attack was roaming. But all though this also was a terrible accident, where many people died, the information to calm us down, was that this was no terror og bomb or any attack at all, but just an accident which could happened in the tremendous forces hit to the plane during take off. It didn’t calm me down.

Now, when I think about this, I tell myself that plane crashes never happens, and chances to be in one nowadays, is like zero. This I thought, just about two weeks before one happened on a airport with an aircraft from the same company, which I flew.


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