Tickets to Neil Young!

What a terrific year of concerts this has been in Norway! All my favourites will come, or have already been here, and I’m speaking real favourites. And real here.

I live in Bergen, as I already have told, but I grew up in Ganddal, Sandnes, near Stavanger, and can easily stay with my parents every time I go there. So when his Bobness, mr. Bob Dylan, was giving a concert on Viking-Stadion, right in between Sandnes and Stavanger, I of course had to go. And I did, and I loved it. Just check out this Norwegian post, to find out how it was Bob Dylan på Viking stadion, (you know how to translate, I believe, if you don’t know how to learn Norwegian).

For a long time it has also been clear that R.E.M is going to play on Koengen, in Bergen, the 3’rd of September. I of course have bought tickets, I even bought two, just in case. One of them are for sale, by the way.

And now, after returning from months on vacation in vast Sibiria, I just find posters everywhere about my third great favourite, Neil Young, also is to play in Bergen. Also at Koengen. This is 26’th of August, which makes Neil Young and REM within a week in Bergen, Norway. Right where I live. Would you believe it? I wouldn’t, until I see it, and see it I will.


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